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Mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, which is better? The discussion is as old as ETF’s exist. There is a public bet on their performance published in german magazine “Das Investment“, plotted below. This is Bet No. 1, we have added DAX Performance for comparison. The bet is that mutual funds can outperform ETF’s. The ETF side is basically investing the MSCI world. Any further analysis not really needed. Performance over 2 years (which in this case includes up and down) might not be the only criteria for investment decisions, but publishing these kind of bets seems not very smart for someone who argues in favour for mutual funds.

International Bond Yields – Relative Value replaced by Distorted Errors

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DAX & REXP 1967 (Yearly Closing) – 2018

DAX/REXP 1967 (Yearly Closing) – 2018

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