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We support your FICC businesses, from Fixed Income Analysis to Electronification and ETF’s. Two examples below for distribution and advanced index calculations, e.g. iNAV or duration-weighted portfolio asset swap spreads. 

Next to FIS MarketMap and FIX we use ipushpull, in more detail their Excel Add-In and also their database loader, which provide secure live data sharing and workflow automation. ipushpull is an awarded UK Fintech and accelerates electronification with leading broker-dealers and banks such as ICAP and NatWest. In addition to other achievements, the company was included in the ‘100 most influential Fintech companies’ for 2 years in a row.

Spreads vs 6es (EUR, GBP) and 3es (USD) | Symphony: Bernhard Veltmann | T:+ 49 201 4868945 | F:+ 49 3212 1274182 | Indications only, please contact us for more details & index/portfolio analytics.


Table shows Green (Straight-) Bonds listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange in EUR, USD and GBP as of 4 December 2020. An “ESG”-flag, combined with an industryflag gives a quick overview; your data feed may allow a deeper analysis. A vendor overview covering detailed ESG data and their classifications provided by ICMA can be found here.


Below the tables, chose the filter icon to configure your selection, e.g. all USD Names “Industrial (General)” greater 90 bps ask spread.

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